Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark
Height: 5'3
Weight: 77 kg
Age: 26
Place of Origin: Cairhien


Rank: Tower Guard
Weapon Score: 18
Philosophy: The Spring
Primary Weapon: Short Sword
Secondary Weapon: Dagger
Tertiary Weapon: Hand to Hand


Physical Description: 5?3?, 77kg, brown eyes and dark hair that is always cut short. Save for his sideburns, his lean face has no distinguishing features except a strong chin. Both fit and strong, there?s very little fat left on his body from constant work and training.

History: Aran?s history is something he rarely sheds light upon, in fact its almost non-existant. That isn?t to say that Aran is some sort of amnesiac, rather he simply doesn?t talk about it and whenever he?s asked he always manages to say something without saying anything. Most people have realised that he has little wish to speak of his past and simply leave it at that.

Yet there are some things that raise questions about Aran. Firstly, his name has never been entered on the roll of trainees. This is compounded by the oddity that his name is recorded on the Tower Guard roll simply as 'Aran'. While he says that he was sent on assignment shortly after being raised, hence no one remembering him, no one can seem to remember him ever being a student. Something further made questionable by Aran?s fighting style which is decidedly different from what is taught on the yards.

So far his past remains simply that, past. With his ready humour, willingness to drink with anyone and a roguish playfulness with pranks and dares, Aran gets along with most people to some degree. Besides, how much can a man's history really matter?

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