Handle: Rahlian

Description Edit

Age: 23
Place of birth/Raising: Amadcian/Kandori
Physical appearance: 6' 3", 230lbs, muscular, black hair, black eyes, straight hair normal male length, forked beard in the Kandori fashion, prefers unrelieved black clothes in the Amadician fashion

History Edit

Basaar Taarol was born in the town of Fyall, Amadicia, but his mother was accused of being a Tar Valon witch and murdered by Children of the Light when Basaar was eight. Bryndon Taarol, his father then moved him and his two sisters, to Chachin, in Kandor. Bryndon set up shop in Chachin as a blacksmith in the Workmans Quarter. Basaar became his father's apprentice and has above average skill. Basaar does not have the usual bulky muscle associated with blacksmiths, but his height makes up for this and is still a bit stronger than average. He has some basic weapons training and practices occaisionally with a war hammer he crafted. Basaar has always felt a nearly subconcious attunement with metal, as he can almost smith by touch alone.

When Kandor fell to the Shadow, Bryndon took his family and fled to the south, planning to return to Amadicia. However, Basaar didn't want to flee, he wanted to join the rag-tag remnants of the army and defend his home. His father convinced him to return south with him, because of his sisters. On their way south, the Taarols passed nearby the Farm. Basaar pleaded with his father to let him got to the Tower, as they most likely needed skilled craftsmen to support the channelers there. Bryndon gave in realizing that his son needed some way to avenge himself against the Shadow.

Basaar left his family at Caemlyn, riding to the Tower in one of the supply carts. Upon arrival, he was told that every male seeking to live in the Tower was required to submit to testing for the ability to channel. It was then that it was discovered that Basaar could learn to channel the male aspect of the One Power. He accepted the offer to join the ranks of the blackcoats.

Basaar has a lasting hatred of both Aes Sedai and Whitecloaks, the former for causing his mother to be killed and the latter for actually doing the deed. Basaar considers himself to be the most important person to himself, and acts as best for himself. He is no coward though, and will put himself in harms way to protect an innocent, as long as he has a reasonable chance of coming through intact, unless his death could gain something vastly more important. The sole exception to this is children. He remembers his sisters fondly, and would sacrifice himself nearly on instinct to protect a child.

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