Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dirty blond
Height: 6 foot 4
Age: 17
Place of Origin: Fal Dara, Shienar


Rank: Trainee
Weaopon Score: 1
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


Bryce was the son of the captian of the Gaurds in Fal Dara. He taught him much over his life. He taught him a little about the sword, the bow and how to hunt. Bryce was an excellent woodsmen. Not many men could tell when Bryce was around unless he wanted them to know. But, probably the most useful gift, was to be able toget inside his apponants head. He always thoght things through. He was always the brightest in his studies. He looked at things from every point of view. He was most greatful of this. Bryce was an very good student aswell. In most of his free time, when he wasnt talking to the women, talking with friends, or playing pranks, he was practicing the sword or the bow. His father was very proud of him.

Bryce was a soldier in the Shienerian army. He was of low rank, a private. It was not that he was bad, he was just young. He often found himself wanting more than to be a soldier. he wasnt sure what, but he knew he was destined to be something else.

On one particular day, Bryce was on duty at the Noth Gate in Fal dara. Suddenly, horns were blowing. Another Trolloc raid. Bryce thought. He and the other gaurds on duty were surounded by trollocs and a myrrdrall. Bryce, being the brave yet foolish one, dicided to take on the Eyeless. Now ready,Bryce danced with the Beast.

Bryce soon realized his mistake. He was far too unexperienced to fight a fade. Almost at once, the soul less knocked the sword out of his hands. With the sword, now ten feet away, Bryce knew he had no hope of staying alive. But Bryce did not give up. He reached for his dagger. Then out of no where the fade burst into flames. Bryce turned around to see one of the Aes Sedia staying there at the time.

After the raid was over. He told his mother what had happend and that he wished to go to Tar Valon and, in his view, in a way repay the Aes Sedai by training to become a warder. Thats when he knew, becoming a warder was what he was destined for...

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