Chalinda Saeve

Handle: Chalinda Seave

Character Name: Chalinda Seave

Email address:

Division: Freelanders

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Physical Description: 5'5", 120 lbs, blue/gray eyes, red hair, full lips and a button nose. pale skin and long wavy hair. (my signature picture) Place of Birth/Raising: no one knows where she was born, but everyone assumes it was somewhere in Andor/sent away to Baerlon as a babe.

Character History: Chalinda was named by her birth mother, who she doesn't know the name of. Chalinda means “sweet girl" in the Old Tongue, but growing up, Chalinda always wished it didn't. Many people would underestimate her stubborn and headstrong attitude because of her name, which sometimes came in handy, but less often than not. Chalinda's birth mother wasn't married, so sent her away to an anonymous family soon after Chalinda was born. This family consists of , a somewhat poor mother and father, Erim and Fera Seave, and a newly successful merchant brother, Anam Seave. When Anam returns for the Feast of Lights each year, he brings his father a new coat, and his mother and sister a new dress. Chalinda and Anam don't know that they are not real kin, and have a very strong brother-sister relationship. Growing up, Chalinda and Anam would physically fight alot, despite their familiar love, which is how Chalinda learned to fight with her fists. She is afraid of knives and swords and refuses to fight with one, so uses her body instead. This is her biggest "talent", despite her singing and dancing abilities. Chalinda works in a tavern for her own money. Fera and Erim encouraged her to work, but would never make her give up some of her own money to them, but would rather she didn't entertain drunken men in an inn. Chalinda currently wishes to travel around the world, dancing and singing in every tavern and inn. Although she loves her family very much, she feels she needs to get away from them and have a life of her own, find her prince charming, and live happily ever after.

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