Rules of the Fortress (IC): Edit

- There is a separation between men and women in sleeping and bathing arrangements. - Men and woman train together. - Any initiates lower than soldier rank have one day of rest a week and one afternoon off. They are to stay in the Fortress at any other time (unless accompanied by a higher ranked CotL). - A CotL cannot claim a rank different from the one he/she has. - Being impertinent to a CotL in a higher rank can result in a punishment if the superior CotL requests it. - Any Superior abusing his rank to do things to a lower ranked CotL that aren’t part of his training will be penalized (this excludes Questioners, in case an interrogation of an initiate is needed).

Before you guys have a heart attack…. The rules above are the common day to day rules within the Fortress of Light. Now I’ll list the second set of rules, which are the Division rules.

Rules of the CotL Division (OOC): Edit

- You cannot ignore any of the Fortress’ rules, unless it was approved by CotL staff as a breach of a rule that will result in a punishment. Pranks and bending of rules are allowed, just as long as they’re approved first and the prankster/offender is aware of the consequences. Too many discipline indiscretions, however, can result in being tossed out of the Fortress. Just a reminder - You cannot start any main plotline RPs or RPs that include a big portion of the CotL, without first getting it approved by the DL. Personal RPs don’t require approval (as long as they don’t contain a rule breach). - Any punishments resulting from IC pranks/rule breaking of any kind will be for the staff to decide. Members will have the opportunity to request a specific punishment, but it will be for the staff’s discretion to make the final decision. Fun comes with consequences.

IC = In Character, OOC = Out of Character, CotL - Children of the Light, DL - Division Leader.

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