Daruun Daedron

Character Name: Daruun Daedron

Division: Atha'an Miere

Physical Description: Daruun Daedron stands at 5'11" has light brown hair and green eyes, he weighs about 180 lbs and has a raven tattooed on the back of each hand and curly "wind" flowing behind them up his arms which are the mark of his family, he has around twenty scars across his back and a dislike of the law. His current age is twenty-seven years old.

History: Daruun Daedron was born on the island of Tremalking, his father was left to raise him when his mother died shortly after giving birth, and did a grand job of it. Daruun grew swiftly, at the age of sixteen he received the tattoos that were tradition in his family, a raven on the back of each hand, with wind flowing behind it covering the entire forearms all the way to the elbow. As Daruun grew he noticed that he was far more laid back than the other children and was more prone to sarcasm than anyone he knew, and his father constantly told him that his sarcasm would get him in trouble one day. The day it happened was less than a week after his eighteenth birthday, he was taken in by the authorities on the charge of theft and attacking a shopkeeper, when asked if it was him he sarcastically replied, "Yeah, I robbed and attacked a shopkeeper on the other side of the island." Since the guards that took him in were not that familiar with sarcasm his statement was taken seriously and he was sentenced to a public whipping, which left him with his twenty scars. Two weeks after his punishment the real thief was caught in the act and was given the same punishment as Daruun, who it just so happened received nothing in retribution for his wrongful punishment which gave him a severe dislike for the law. Two years later he is about to begin his training to become a deckhand, and one day he hopes to become a swordmaster. After seven years of serving upon several vessels and slowly rising in the ranks Daruun has finally attained the rank of cargomaster on the soarer Sundancer.

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