Description Edit

Age: 20
Place of birth/raising: Shienar, Fal Dara
Physical Appearance: Dazar'Sei was tall for a Shienarian. He has dark hair and dark eyes, which was said to give him a mysterious look. Growing up in Fal Dara caused him to have a muscular build as well.

History Edit

Dazar'sei had a pretty easy life, with a dad as a nobelman. He spent his entire childhood practicing with weapons so that one day he could fight beside his father. His teachers would always compliment him on how fast he learned, but because of this he had a big problem with always thinking he knew everything. When he finally turned 19, he was allowed to follow his father into battle against a Trolloc raid. While fighting his father took a fatal wound, and with no Aes Sedai around, he had no choice but to take him home so he could die in comfort. While on his death bed he told Dazar'sei that he had a brother from Mayene. His name was Tai'Dashan, and he was the son of a wealthy jewelry merchant. Fighting the guilt of having a commoner, and a bastard as a brother, Dazar'Sei goes to Mayene in search of his brother. Once he reaches Mayene he discovers rumors of Tai'Dashan leaving to become an Asha'man. Now that Dazar'sei has arrived at the Black Tower, he realizes that he isn't only there to find his brother, but that he actually wants to learn to channel. Maybe if he could have channeled he could have saved his fathers life.

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