Character Name: Delinen Dandrosin

Physical Description: moderately tall, average weight, black eyes, black hair, average Domani looks

Place of Birth/Raising: Arad Doman

Character History

Delinen Dandrosin is 17 yrs old. Her normal occupation is as a beggar. However, on the other hand, she is an accomplished spy, street-smart and devious, and has been working for a mysterious cowled Darkfriend for 4 years. When she was 10, her brother, her only kin, was taken away by the Aes Sedai as he had been channelling and male channellers were feared even by them too as they faced great chances of going mad. Since then, she has been loathing Aes Sedai for taking away her only kin, regardless of their reasons.

When she turned 13, a mysterious woman in black who was a self-professed Darkfriend captured her and taught her to hone her fine instincts. Glad for a chance to take revenge for her brother, Delinen decided to follow the path of the Shadow. Even though she has not met any Chosen nor any other Darkfriend except the one she calls "Mistress", she intends to work for Chosen, maybe even the Dark One himself! Great ambitions for one so young indeed. However, recently her "Mistress" has gone missing for months, and she decided to find another Darkfriend to work for. However she has not been successful.

One day however, she accidentally set another beggar on fire as she was angry at him for taking her normal begging area. After that, she has not been able to reach the OP, however hard she tries to. She does not want to join the White Tower as she hates Aes Sedai but she is getting desperate. So can you help her?

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