Character Name: Ezekiel Rullen
Place of Birth/Raising: Tairen
Age: 41
Description: 6’5" tall. Very slim. Gray hair and blue penetrating eyes that at times seem lost.

Character History Edit

Ezekiel has been on odd bird his entire life. He didn’t believe in much, but what he did believe in, he would hold on to it and reject any other belief that countered his. Once when he was 15 he had a dream that changed his life. The creator came to him and asked him to join his cause. To serve him and eliminate all the darkness from the world. And Ezekiel agreed. He would preach in his village about walking in the light and avoiding the darkness, all in preparation for the day he could finally join The Children of the Light.

When he turned 18 he was finally able to fulfill his destiny. He arrived at the Fortress of Light and started his climb up the rank ladder. It took years and endless effort but his determination was unbreakable. He ended up becoming a senior-lieutenant and chose to join the Hand where he was introduced into a whole new world.

Until these days he continues his mission and keeps on learning the arts of interrogation. In his free time he teaches a variety of classes to the experienced and less experienced CotL, believing that is the way to ensure the defeat of the Dark One and the victory of the Creator.

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