--Character Name Golar Henter

--Division Darkfriend

--Physical Description Standing at a measly 4 1/2 ft. and weighing at 100 pds. Golar looks quite small and gaunt. His eyes are a dull brown and his hair is jet black. From his size he looks quite decrepid, but looks can be quite deceiving. He likes to wear black pants with boots and a white shirt that is left open. To top things off Golar wears a grey cloak with the hood kept off of his head.

--Place of Birth/Raising Golar was born and raised in Carysford in Andor in a small house.

--Character History

Golar Henter was born the last of five boys to Charlie and Star Henter. From birth, something was just not right. Golar was an eight month premee. He was born unconcious but alive. It was like something was trying to kill Golar before he was born, but was unsuccessful. As the youngest of five, Golar was picked on all of the time. While growing up, Golar was picked on by many people as he was small and an easy target.

At the age of 14, Golar finally defended himself from a bully, Teddy "Spikes" Kolter by squeeling on him. The next day he was cornered by the bully and his cohorts. They beat Golar up and one of them gave a sharp blow to Golar's throat slightly crushing it. Luckily, a man saw this happening from the mouth of the alley and ran over. Spikes and the others ran away. The man picked me up and ran me over to the wisdom. Golar would never speak again. Golar swore revenge. Three years later, Golar was yet to find a way to get his revenge. His rage built up from the lack of release. At 18, Golar had enough of his tiny frame and pledged his life to serving the Dark One if he could exact his revenge. Two weeks later, Golar found himself alone in an alleyway with Spikes. Spikes thought of this as a good opportunity and went for a knife. Spikes tripped and dropped the knife. Golar picked up the knife and jammed it into spikes head killing him instantly. It was then tha Golar actually pledged his life to serving the Dark One.

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