World Herbs and Properties

Here is a list of the herbs and flower remedies used in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time:

Herb Name

Andilay root Alleviates fatigue, clears the head, and eases tired muscles

Belladonna Concentrated extracts or dried and ground into powder Poisonous in it’s pure form, calming or healing effects when mixed - see mixed herbs table for healing qualities.

Blue Goatflowers Boiled in water (1:10), as hot as can be stood. Replaced as soon as steaming stops, and continued for the entire day. Knits the bone twice as fast as boneknit alone, and twice as strong.

Bluespine Brewed into tea Cures sulkiness or anything else a wisdom finds unfavorable. Incredibly bitter and foul smelling

Bluewort Boiled in Tea - settles the Stomach

Boneknit Helps bones mend more quickly.

Broomweed Mixed with food or tea, dried or whole Settles stomach, especially the nervous stomach. Sweet

Catfern Boiled and added to powdered Mavinsleaf in tea - sures lies. Foul tasting and smelling. Green and scummy

Chainleaf Boiled in tea. Settles stomach

Corenroot Thins the blood

Crimsonthorn Poison. Paralyzes the one it is administered to. Unsure if the effects are temporary or permanent.

Dogweed Tastes horrible

Dogworth Ground as a paste, apply directly to the wound Natural Antiseptic

Fennel Different kinds of fennel are explained in this list

Feverbane Stops fever

Five finger Ground Ivy / Sunburst root Boiled into an ointment Treats heavy bruises, causing them to fade rapidly Feels both hot and cold in flashes

Flatwort Make tea out of fresh leaves Gives energy, adrenaline & nutrients Best for aging people

Forkroot Brewed into tea. Chop off the root of the plant, and allow to dry for three days. Grind and keep in a jar where precise amounts can be extracted. Puts one to sleep and prevents a channeller from touching the Source. Effective painkiller that numbs the nerve ends A faint minty taste. Deceivingly sweet

Foxglove Extracts from dried petals. (tea) Stops further spreading of a disease. Increases immunity to a disease. Best taken regularly.

Foxtail Aids in sleep with no grogginess.

Gheandin blossom Powdered and taken by mouth - relief of heartpains and a good poison killer. See mixed herbs table

Goatflower Hang the blossoms to dry, and prepare into a tea sack within a week. Goatflower strengthens the system against damage. It boosts the body’s immunity and provides more adrenaline. Mixed with chopped Willow tree bark, it can be used into most teas since it does not do otherwise effects, and also has no real taste

Goatstongue Sleep aid, sovereign for stomach cramps.

Goosemint Settles a burning stomach

Gray Fennel It’s sap is deadly when taken in orally or through open wounds Deadly poison Evident discoloration of the eyes of the deceased.

Greenroot makes you sleep, but sovereign for stomach cramps

Ground ivy Chop the fresh leaves finely and work into a paste with warm water or Juniper oil. Massage for quick relief, and take orally for more effeciveness in the long run. The local Ground Ivy is a good remedy for aching and tired muscles. Leaves a strange hot and cold feeling when mixed with finely chopped Sunburst root, and actually repairs slightly torn muscles and flesh.

Healall Ointment Used on open wounds to make them heal quickly Works on almost any illness, is a good alternative when the specific herb is not available

Heartleaf Boiled in tea. Prevents pregnancy when taken before consummation

Honey Pure honey, is useable as a sweetener that does not damage the properties of herbs. It can be used in tea or bad tasting potions to soothe the taste Has properties which clear up the respiratory system and other allergic reactions.

Juniper The juice when warmed over a fire is used to indicate pregnancies as the color change suggests Juniper Berries are useable as acid indicators. The juice extracted from the berries is strangely intoxicating, allowing nerves to relax and tensions to soften

Kaf The beans are brewable into a strong, bitter tea. Awakens the body’s senses, causing one to be quite energetic even when tired - Seanchan beanplant

Lionheart Numbs pain.

Mardroot Used on bruised; Stings

Marisin Sleep aid with no grogginess. Marshwhite leaves Leaves are boiled in tea. Settles stomach. Keeps very well, and gains potency with time; tastes very bitter


Nightsbane Leaves can be ground, and made into a poultice or paste. Leaves can be ground, and made into a poultice or paste. See mixed table

Peach pit Poison, like Grey Fennel

Pokeleaf Ground and used like shampoo. Removes dyes from hair, normally used for toothaches and sore gums

Rannel Tea Cures contrariness - very foul tasting

Red daisy probably tastes awful

Red Fennel Brewed into Tea Settles the stomach. Mild, and therefore suited for children. Too much use might cause flatulence.

Sheepstongue root Swallowed whole Can be used to induce vomiting, also used to soothe the eyelids. When ground and made into paste it’s the perfect cure against misbehaviour.

Silverleaf Prepared in tea Alleviates extreme headaches Taste has been compared to the inside of boots.

Sleepwell Grind to a poultice and mix well with food or drink Clears headaches and makes a person drowsy

Sorfa Made into a tincture. Helps welts

Sunburst Thread can be made out of the fibers of the root, which are used to sew up wounds Also allows blood to clot faster. Poultices, salves and teas made from the root are quite effective with inner bleedings

Stinging Mardroot Oil or Liniment Used on heavy bruises.

Timsin root Same as Silverleaf

Tremalking Black Dried leaves in tea. Dried leaves cause wonderful essences. Vapors cause relaxation and clear the nose and lungs

White Fennel Helps ease pains of labor in giving birth. Only used in very severe cases when labour was very hard.

White Henpepper Soothes a toothache, but can also dye your hair black.

Willow Leaves can be dried and made into a relaxing tea. Relieves mild fevers and sicknesses, as the aromatic vapors from the steaming tea are inhaled while being taken. Willow can clear up children’s fevers from growing or toothing, and can also be used by adults who wish to improve their health and strength.

Worrynot Helps end a fever.

Combinations and their Effects

Combinations Effect

Flatwort tea and andilay root clears the head and dims the burn in tired muscles

Foxtail, marisin, and something else will help sleep but not make you groggy

Ground ivy, five-finger, and sunburst root Can be used on bruises

Timsin root and Silverleaf Good for headaches

Boiled catfern and powdered mavinsleaf Tastes very foul. Does nothing useful other than that.

Nightsbane and sheepstongue Clears blurring or darkening visions, eye infections, or failure of sight due to sudden bursts of light, or infectious poisons. Futile against the effects of being blinded by the One Power.

Gheandin blossom with dogworth and/or willow bark worked into a paste The taste is rather perplexing, spicy and bitter at the same time, so a little honey will be of no harm. Use regularly to relieve heart or inner side pains; constant treatment has lead to remarkable healings of malignant tissues and heart problems

Belladonna powder from dried berries with twice the amount of Gheandin powder and a lot of white healall powder. Add hot boiling water and work into a paste. Simply massage the pink paste gently all over the broken limb after it has been soaked in boiled Goatflower. The effects of these four herbs seem miraculous with boneknitting. One can also dry a precise amount of berries and ground with a few intoxicants, can mixed into something to calm nerves.

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