Character Name-Horsey

Email address -

Division - Freelanders

Physical Description (One paragraph; height, weight, eyes, hair, other outstanding features) –ok well he’s a horse, he’s a little on the fat side although he has been working out a lot lately. Reasonably tall and has mysterious blue eyes. Has a black Mohawk. Black skin with a white mark in the shape of New Zealand on his nose.

Place of Birth/Raising-Shienar

Personality-Horsey can come across as grumpy, he will kick anyone he doesn’t get a good vibe from. He practices his kick a lot and it has been known to kill people. When he gets to know someone he is extremely loyal and protective. Is tired of being asked “Why the long face?” and will kick anyone who says that.

Character History (Should include any major events in the character’s life prior to joining the Division, as well as any significant RPs since) Born in Shienar to Mama and Papa Horsey, Horsey was going to be a part of the Heavy Cavalry, however one day he was stolen by some horse thieves, waiting till they were outside of the city Horsey attacked, kicking one of the thieves he ran for freedom. Running away he set out for Tar Valon. It was a hard trek but along the way he meet a herd of wild stallions, they taught him how to forage and he was able to feed himself. Maintaining his perfect black Mohawk was a major concern for a journeyman horse and he was constantly asking horses to lick it back in to shape for him. Reaching Tar Valon at age three he is now residing outside the city unsure of what to do next and where to go, but he wont give up. Because deep down he knows he was made to do something great.

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