Illiana Maria Bodarves

Handle: Taeadra

Character Name: Illiana Maria Bodarves

Email address:

Division: Freelanders

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Physical Description: 5′5″, 110 lbs. Black hair, green eyes. She has a slender build, but very voluptuous (we’re going for Daisy Duke, with class’ )

Place of Birth/Raising: Caemlyn

Character History: Illiana was born and raised in Caemlyn to a family of considered wealth. She is not a noble, but was raised as if she were one. Illiana is pompous to a fault. Her father felt that she should be breed to marry into nobility to further their family name, Illiana had other ideas. A rebel from the day she could walk, Illiana, or Lia as she preferred to be called, dreamed of a much freer life. Nobility and structure never appealed to her much, rather hopping from pub to pub singing and playing her drum (bongo like instrument) were where her happiness was found. Lia is also a skilled mischief maker, learning at a very young age that her looks could not only get her things she wanted, but oh how they could cause trouble among the people she found herself surrounded with. Lia owns a pair of daggers, but her skills are very intermediate as she has also learned that her looks will get her out of as much trouble as they can get others into..

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