Name: Jagen Halin
Age: 101
Place of birth: Tanchico, Tarabon

Physical Description: Jagen is 5'7 with dark blue eyes which usually hold a cold or arrogant light to them, and she has a tall, slim figure and a doll-like face. Her hair goes down to her waist and is a light red. In Taraboner fashion, it's always braided and she more often than not wears a transparent veil across her face.

Personality: Jagen shows no sympathy for those who breach protocol, laws, or cause trouble, and she hates to see people whine or act illogical and, above all, she despises Darkfriends. Despite her usually stern attitude, she does like to teach classes of students once in a while, when she has nothing to do, but Red Ajah priorities always come first for her. Jagen is also a woman of tradition, and is always dressed in red Taraboner dresses, or red-slashed ones, with her long hair in beaded braids, and a transparent veil over her face. She always wears her Aes Sedai ring, but often wears her shawl, too, even when it's not needed. She's a woman of pride and station.

White Tower Life:

At the Tower, Jagen paid swift attention to her studies and only got in trouble a few times; whenever an Accepted or another novice ticked her off she found various ways to get back at them, including rubbing itchoak in dresses, using the Power to make chair legs weak (and have the person consequently fall on the floor) and even once dunking a girl's head in sink water after being insulted. Over all, however, she was a good student; she spent five years as a novice and six as Accepted. Seh was raised Aes Sedai when Kathana was Amyrlin and Sabine was Mistress of Novices.

There were a few Ajahs which interested Jagen when she was Accepted, but Red took the cake. She had little interest in being cooped up in the library, though she loves books, learning and teaching, so no Brown for her. She was very close to choosing White, but felt she did not need to be part of them to pursue her own interests. With the Red, Jagen felt she not only had some versatility, but also one of the most worthy, and challenging, causes of the Tower. The idea of men channeling also frightens her. At first joining the Tower, she knew she wanted to gentle them all, for the world's safety and their own. Joining the Red would also allow Jagen to travel far and wide in her pursuits. And though hard to convey otherwise, joining the Red has always felt 'right' for her. Jagen immediately and with much enthusiasm began working for her Ajah's goals. She is one of the strongest women in the Power at the White Tower, and a hard woman deeply set in her duty. For this, she currently is a Sitter in the Hall.

Being a bookworm herself, she spends a lot of time in or around the Library. She has a history of teaching novices and Accepted before she became a Sitter, soon after reaching the minimum age requirement. Her specialty area of study is astronomy/observing the Heavens. She has been known to visit a shop in Tar Valon run by a Sea Folk man who makes lenses, and she has built telescopes and shared some of her observations with other curious sisters. She has also used her telescopes in lessons. Last, she has and sometimes plays a cello.

Outside of that, Jagen also has animals she cares for; two horses (one is the WoT version of a Frisian), two cats and an owl she adopted after it was found injured on one of her rides. Jagen has also been known to leave the Tower often, but as she can weave gateways this is very easy for her to do and return when needed.

Character History

Jagen Halin is from Tanchico, Tarabon, growing up just outside the capital on a farm, where she helped her mother weave rugs and grow ice peppers. At age sixteen she started working in the Panarch's Palace as a servant for extra money and to get away from the farm. One of the reasons was because she saw her stepfather Darin have a secret meeting with another man who turned out to be a Darkfriend, and she found out he was one as well. At first too scared to warn her mother, she went to the city to work. She did however keep visiting the farm to see her mother and sister, but one evening when she came home, it was to find them and her step father murdered. She fled again to the city and stayed in the palace. While working in there, a visiting Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah sensed the ability to channel in Jagen as she was serving the Sister and the Panarch drinks. After the Sister's business was concluded, she brought Jagen to the Tower, and not against her will, since Jagen wanted to get farther away from where she was now (and she was besides fascinated with the ability to channel), and her current position.

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