Name: Jean Isildred

Country of Origin: Cairhien

Physical Description

Rather short man (five foot two.), intense hazel eyes (Almost like a starburst.) Dark black hair, often cut close. He bears himself with a somewhat servile manner. He has a tattoo upon his right shoulder, of a raven, with red eyes. Normal weight for his height, about 130 (No clue if the weight is reasonable or not, I'm not good at judging weight for height.)


Jean was born to a lower middle class family. His parents were cruel people, who felt that children were born to work for the parents, and so they used their two sons as nearly slaves, doing anything they could think of, occasionally beating them if the misbehaved, or erred in their work. His brother, having no other outlet, took to beating Jean whenever they had spare time. To avoid this, Jean took to running into the woods during his spare time. He was fascinated by a raven that seemed to follow him throughout the woods.

By the time he was eighteen, he was fed up with his mistreatment, and one night, he simply snuck about the house with a knife, and he slit their throats. Knowing he would hang for this, he took what he could carry to the nearest shopkeeper, sold that, and took another two trips to traveling merchants, having acquired enough to buy some traveling supplies, and a horse, and rode away from his town, headed north, towards the Borderlands, believing that "The raven told him to do it." This being his motivation, he came to believe himself the Dark One's creature.

On his trip, he ran out of supplies, and needed to start a fire for the night. He was cold... bitter cold.... he knew he would freeze if he did not start a fire.... he was desperate. And while he focused and struggled, suddenly his finger sparked, igniting the pile of sticks he had collected, creating his fire. He merely sat there, dumbfounded for a time. -I channeled.....- He thought, amazed. After this, he was certain his goal was to serve the Dark One. He was taught that channeling men were evil, so he made a connection between men channeling and the Dark one.

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