Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Height: 4'10
Weight: 172
Age: 24
Place of Origin: Andor


Rank: Warder
Weaopon Score: 12
Philosophy: The Flame and the Void
Primary Weapon: Katana
Secondary Weapon: Polearm
Tertiary Weapon: Daggers


Jerad was always a stubborn, determined child, mostly due to his upbrining. He lived out his childhood on a farm, on the fringe of the wilderness. His father was a hard man who encouraged his only son to be as strong and as independent as humanly possible. From the time he could walk, Jerad was pushed to his limits, always striving for more impressive results, never satisfied with what he had. Mathias Pel was always proud of the man his son was growing up to be: a strong, hard worker.

At the tender age of 10, the short, but muscular young Jerad discovered the sword on one of his rare visits to a distant town. It seemed to call to him, the weight of it seemed right in his hands. He bought a wooden practice blade with some spare money, and spent most of his spare time working with it. 3 years later, on another trip to town, he fought, and easily beat the local bully. He received too much praise, and the encounter went to his head. Another year passed, but Jerad was arrogant, so sure of his skill with the sword that he fought anyone who would accept a challenge.

That stage passed at the end of the year, when a new farmhand came to live with the Pels. The man had been a soldier for 12 years in the Andorian army, and immediately proved how na?ve and foolish Jerad had been. The young boy bounced back from his shock with a sudden willingness to learn, so the old soldier trained him not only in the art of the sword, but the staff as well. Two more years passed, and Jerad had become fairly adept with both weapons, and he was jokingly advised to train with the warders. Five months later, he was in Tar Valon, as a quiet, stern, but surprisingly jocular youth. Only time will tell what he will become.

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