Character Name: Julie Mesdarces
Age: 109
Place of Birth/Raising: Murandy
Gender: Female

Physical Description: 5’5”, 60kg, jet black hair that falls to the waist (often braided) and hazel eyes. Heart shaped face that ends in a neat chin, a small nose, soft cheeks. While she doesn’t quite have the body of a dancer, she certainly isn’t plump by any stretch of the imagination.

Personality: A driven person, there seems little that can daunt her once she sets her mind to it. While her sense of humour is rather reserved around most, knowing Michael Daemeau for over fifty years has certainly worn such reserve down amongst friends. Suspicious of most people and their intentions, she will think things through before she commits to anything.

Character History Edit

Born out of wedlock as the daughter of a Lord of House --- and the wetnurse of his children, while she was unacknowledged and therefore took her mother’s maiden name, she was kept within the household as a playmate of the noble children. In this way she enjoyed the comforts that House --- had to offer without having to be taken responsibility for, her mother’s silence bought with such treatment.

When she was fifteen she had taken a liking to one of the sons of House ---, and he to her yet he didn’t wish to tie himself to her by marriage, whereas she required marriage before giving herself to him. An incident where he tried to force himself upon her led to her discovering the power, and crippling the man by shattering his right arm.

Fleeing, her head start was all that saved her and after taking refuge in another province for a time, she heard news that her mother bore punishment in her stead. Impotent, there was little that she could do, and though she realised she could channel she had no wish to live in the White Tower. Neighbours were untrustworthy, foreigners more so and Aes Sedai most of all with their dabbling.

It was then that darkfriends offered her an opportunity that she accepted, sweetened by the promise of revenge. Within a fortnight, the man who had tried to claim her and had killed her mother in retaliation was dead by her hand, and she was taken to the Fortress for training.

Soon rising to the rank of Dreadlady, she served a few different masters before she came under Rasputin Felar’s direction. Finding in him and his closest servants people she could trust, she has remained loyal for over fifty years where she taught for the most part, though she has occasionally dirtied her hands. Even when Aginor assumed control of the Fortress and she was made one of the Aurani, and later becoming one of the Ashan d’ma Shadar, her loyalty has remained steadfast.

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