Kirsnan Vandell


Age: 16

Height: 5′4″


Appearance: Kirsnan is an unassuming man short of stature and lean. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes and tends towards darker clothing. He prefers well tailored clothes of silk or fine wools. He is a pampered but well-muscled young man used to the finer things in life

History: The single-child of an Imperial Seeker for Truth Kirsnan Vandell’s future was never in doubt, he would apply to become a Seeker and he would be accepted and woe betide him if he failed. Other than the nearly suffocating pressure applied on him by his father Kirsnan led an easy life as a child. His father was gone for long stretches of time leaving him to be raised by servants he had no mother, it was said she died during childbirth, his fathers da’covale where hesitant to speak of her. He rarely thought of his mysterious mother though, Kirsnan was much more content to simply play with his companions and dream of one day becoming a Seeker himself.

He was a bright and precocious child, excelling in both logic and the arts, showing a keen and penetrating mind. Kirsnan had a black streak though, their was a cruelty in him a sort of darkness. At times he would play tricks on his friends play them against one another for his enjoyment. He loved to mastermind pranks that where many time just cruel. Yet in the busy household of an Imperial Seeker for Truth this meanness went unnoticed. News of the Forerunners, and the Emperor’s plan to take back their old lands across the sea shook up his father’s household like a anthill poke with a stick. His father was going with the Forerunners, to keep the truth and fear of the Emperor in the Blood until the main body, the Return could reach Artur Hawkwings old lands. So it was that on the eve of his sixteenth birthday he approached the Tower of Ravens alone. He would become a Seeker for Truth and wear the Raven Tattoos proudly in the service of the Emperor, might he live for ever.

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