Eye Color: Huge green eyes
Hair Color: A cap of dark brown curls
Height: 5? 6?
Weight: 120
Age: 17
Place of Origin: Mining camp in the Spine of the World


Rank: Trainee
Weaopon Score: 3
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


Character?s name: Kozan Ashthorne Age: 17 Place of Origin: Mining camp in the Spine of the World Hair: A cap of dark brown curls Eye: Huge green eyes Skin: Olive complexion Height: 5? 6? Weight: 120lbs

Brief History: As the youngest in the family, and with six older brothers, Kozan was a competitive child. She was always copying her brothers, whatever they did, she did. Running over sharp rocks barefoot, flying down the tracks in a cart, sneaking into the forbidden deep tunnels, she did it all.

Kozan learned early on the only way to get her family?s attention was to act like the boys, and well, boys fight. She could bite and claw for all her worth. For her tenth birthday her brothers taught her how to throw a mean right hook, which she used quite often on them.

By the time she was twelve, Kozan?s mother had her wearing bindings, to keep the miners from noticing her. With her brothers and father working in the mines all day, she became self-reliant and soon discovered that a kick to the groin stunned all men, not just her brothers, when the hook shot failed.

While Kozan was still a child, a gleeman happened upon the camp and stayed the night, the stories he told left Kozan filled with dreams of seeing the world. The tales of the Aes Sedai and the White Tower made her tremble in awe. In her mind Aes Sedai where like gods. Kozan?s brothers loved the tales of the great worrier Warders and they spent hours having mock fights with their wooden swords.

One year, in early spring, a disease swept through the mining camp. Very few survived, Kozan and her brother being two of the ?lucky ones?. After burying their family, the two headed for the nearest city. It was the first time they had ever left the camp.

In town, Kozan lost her brother in the madding press of people. Unsure what to do, that night she snuck abroad a ship, looking for a place to sleep. She was woken, the next morning, by a shipmate and was taken to the captain. He allowed her to work for her passage to Tar Valon.

Once they reached the port Kozan headed for the Tower, hoping to be enrolled. She failed, but noticed there were women training to be Warder. Following an impulse Kozan asked to join and was accepted.

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