Description Edit

Born and Raised: White Tower, Tar Valon Parents: Jora and Calin (Jora, mother, cook, and Calin, father, baker, both in the kitchens of Tar Valon) Age: 22 Gender: Male Hair: Black Eyes: Blue Height: 5'8" Weight: 165 lbs Build: Muscular

History Edit

Kylin was slow in his training to become a Warder, but Merin Sedai of the Brown Ajah had determined that he would be. She had promised his parents that he would never have to work in the kitchens for all the times they remembered to take her meals she had forgotten. Kylin worked hard at learning weapons, combat, stealth and tracking but his heart was never in it. Kylin wished Merin Sedai had been of the Green Ajah, but wishing did not change things. Strange things started happening around Kylin, but he thought it was the Novices, or the Accepted. Sometimes they happened on the practice field, and Kylin began to shirk his duties, finding reasons to be gone. Before he could be found out, he left a note to his parents and Merin Sedai saying he had found out something terrible about himself, but he could not bring himself to die. He left a clear note saying no one but he knew of this, in case of possible incrimination to his parents or his Aes Sedai friend. Kyl will wander til he can find a way to live, or the will to die. Kylin has thick black hair, dancing blue eyes and a handsome face. He has a goatee, that is trimmed, and a cute smile. He is quick to laugh, and light on his feet. He has a short but powerful musculature from all his long hours training. His temper flares, but only in the presence of those who mistreat his friends. Otherwise he is a young man with a lot of promise, but doesn't know where to go in the world. Calm by nature, he is also a daydreamer. He has some knowledge of swords and cooking, and of the world at large.

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