Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark
Age: 18
Place of Origin: Tar Valon


Rank: Trainee
Weaopon Score: 3
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


Physical Description: Kyrie is a young woman of 18, with fair skin, dark hair, and blue eyes. She falls short of plump, yet she isn?t thin either. Kyrie is curvy yet solid, and tall for a woman. All in all, her stature can be imposing when she wants it to be. She isn?t terribly strong, but as her mother likes to say (much to Kyrie?s chagrin) she has the endurance of an ox.

Place of Birth/Raising: Tar Valon

Character History: Almillia Dorveen, Kyrie?s mother, had been a cook in the Tower?s kitchens when she met Lieutenant Ehron Marn, a high-ranking armsman for a large house in Arafel on leave to visit old friends. Unfortunately, Almillia did not learn of the Lieutenant?s reputation as a womanizer until she was already with child and he was long gone back to his company.

Still, she claimed she loved the man, and that he loved her and would return one day. Weeks became months and then years. Kyrie was perhaps five or six, and looking every bit her father?s daughter, when Almillia finally accepted the fact that Ehron wasn?t coming back.

Despite not having a father, Kyrie?s childhood was pleasant. Her mother did what she could to provide for the girl, staying on in the Tower and eventually being moved up the ranks to some sort of pasty chef. It was probably because of Almillia?s close ties to and deep respect for the Aes Sedai that Kyrie held the Tower and those who protected it in such high esteem.

Perhaps it would have been more normal for Kyrie to identify with the Sisters and wish to join their ranks, but stories of her soldier father and her mother?s obvious love for the man made the young girl lean towards the sword rather than the Source. She was tested of course, at Almillia?s urging, but showed no potential. Lucky coincidence on that day, however, cemented her intention to join the Tower Guard.

A young woman, not too much older than Kyrie herself was thoroughly trouncing a man nearly half her size in the training yards as Kyrie passed by on her way out of the Tower. She moved in a way that was both graceful and light, yet stalked like a predator. The woman?s movements were like a deadly dance. Had she been armed with a real blade rather than bundled lathes, the man that faced her would have been missing most if not all of his limbs not to mention his head. The image of that woman never really left Kyrie and nearly two years later, it was with that glorified picture of combat that Kyrie Marn approached the Tower, set on becoming one of the storied Guards within.

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