History Edit

Lanette Cordragoran's father, Ruairidh, was a descendent from a noble house of the dead Malkeir. A man who proudly wore the hadori to proclaim his Malkeiri heritage, he was an officer in the Sheinaran army that rode south during the Aiel War. Her mother, Shayle, was a Cairhien that he saved from an Aiel spear during the war. Soon after they fell in love and got married.

A year later Shayle gave birth to a girl child, Lanette, whose facial features are an exact replica of those of her father's drawn in softer, feminine lines. However, like her mother she is petite of stature with dark eyes. After the Aiel War, Ruairidh and Shayle settled in Kayacun in western Saldaea, with Lanette and her newborn twin brothers.

Lanette learned weapons and fighting techniques from her indulgent father and some of his old comrades in battle, along with the other, more conventional arts and skills that she was tutored in. However, her dreams were always of adventure, which prompted her to excel in the battle-skills more than the domestic.

At the age of 22, she left home in search of adventure, to join the Great Hunt for the Horn of Valere. However, later having heard the rumor that the Horn has already been found, she travels to Andor. However, disliking the political turmoil in Caemlyn, she decided to visit Cairhien, after hearing tales about the Dragon Reborn. Once there, she hears about the rising fame of the Band of the Red Hand, and tales of its recent great victory against the Shaido Aiel.

She perceived the Band as the best opportunity she would have of fighting against the Dark forces who destroyed her ancestral land of Malkeir. After some consideration of which regiment to join, she finally chose the Archers. She trained in the use of various types of bows under veteran officers, and has put her knowledge and skills into excellent use in several skirmishes.

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