Leilwinn Jasma

Lady Leilwinn Jasma High Seat of House Jasma a smaller house of the nobility of Saldea.

Leilwinn is a typical Saldean, if a bit tall for her nationality. She has the typical dark slanted eyes and dark hair that she keeps cut just below the chin. She is a striking woman in her early twenties. She has the sort of beauty that makes men call her exotic and women think that she is a light skirt. Ironically Leilwinn is a bit opposed to leading her house. She is politically inclined but prefers the battlefield instead. Her mother died in child birth and her father, a great general for the Saldean army, raised her as best he could, however she obviously got a large dose of military training, albeit accidentally. Her father preferred for her to lead the normal life of a lady and tried to groom her into being a good wife for her future husband, but after his death she decided to keep his memory alive by leading the small band of liegemen associated with his estate. Times got hard and Leilwinn could not afford to keep the manor running with out taking on some sort of job. Given her interests and the fact that her small ‘army’ was one of the few useful things her father left her, mercenary work seemed and obvious choice. While she stays away from anything illegal, Leilwinn and her ‘army’ have done many kidnapping rescues and recovery of runaways, earning them the nick name “Trackers of the Blight” though they have never actually had to find some one in the actual Blight.

The Trackers are a well trained, orderly group of about a dozen men who all have specialties ranging from horses to dead languages to weapons. They have no uniforms and cannot afford new weapons but they are fiercely loyal to each other and always get the job done. Leilwinn has a bit of a ‘Lancelot’ complex where she tries to protect all her men single handedly.

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