Description Edit

DM Handle: Nynaeve
Physical Description: Black hair, formerly blue eyes, but now gold. She is of average height and has a sarcastic manner most of the time. She is quite strong and is a very stubborn and proud woman.
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Place of Birth/Raising: Domani

Character History Edit

Born and raised in Ebou Dar, her mother is an innkeeper of “The Red stone” inn and her father is a fisherman. Lorelai had a little sister called Gabriel, who died at a very young age. Her parents left her in charge of her one day. Lorelai decided to use her father’s fishing boat and go on a short cruise with her little sister. A wave turned the boat upside down and her sister drowned.

Her parents never forgave her for that terrible mistake. They came close to disowning her but they let her stay, while ignoring her existence. Lorelai felt as if she was losing her mind.

After a while Lorelai seemed to be hearing people speak, yet there weren’t people near her. She started to smell things that she couldn’t even describe. She began to think that she was really losing her mind, especially after she started to see images in her head.

One day Lorelai snapped at her parents and her parents gasped as they saw her yellow eyes. Her mother claimed she was possessed and that the demon inside her had killed her little sister. At that point Lorelai couldn’t take any more. She took whatever she could carry with her and left her family behind.

Lorelai was desperate and had no idea what her destination was. She felt as if she was being pulled somewhere and she just followed where destiny pointed.

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