Eye Color: brown
Hair Color: black
Height: 1 meter 70
Weight: 154
Age: 17
Place of Origin: tear


Rank: Trainee
Weaopon Score: 6
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon: Long Sword
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


Main sorzo was born in tear and raised by his parents. They were innkeepers and every time a gleeman came he would sit down and listen for hours. At the age of 7 he got a flute and at his 8th birthday he got a harp. But when a year later an aes sedai and warder came into town he sold them to buy a sword. Since then he became obsessed with the idea he would once go to tar valon to be a warder. When he finally had enough money he traveled to caemlyn to get some sword training there. He trained 3 yairs with a old soldier from the borderlands, when that soldier thougth he was ready he got a new blade that the soldier had kept secret for years. Then he traveled to tar valon, but on his way he came across a group of travelling people and he fell in love with a girl. For a half year he traveled along with them, then she suddenly dissapeared, he spent a year looking for her. He finnaly got in tar valon and then decided to become a warder like he wanted years ago.

Personality: Main is quite depressed at the first sight. He is most of the time, unable to forget his lost love. He is determined to become a warder now and has a real good discipline. He is not good at making friends unless they make friends with him.

Also he has a good appetite (being raised in an inn) and usually takes 3rd helpings every meal. Despite that he is absolutely not fat, but not really musceld either. He?s got long hair combed to the side. He weirs normal clothes for a guy from tear but prefers them to be brown. (flashy colors makes him think of the traveling people)

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