Name: Marian Volive
Division: Freelanders
Guild: Kin
Age: 264
Country of Origin: Altara
Will die during Bowl of the Winds RP

Character Description:Edit

Whip thin and hardened by her long life, Marian looks like a rather severe woman of middle years, the enameled knife hanging from her neck stating that she'd had 4 children and a husband, but that all of them left this life before her. Her dark, curly hair is kept pinned back at the temples and allowed to riot in carefully controlled chaos to mid-back. She is tall for a southerner, and at 125 pounds, not really heavy enough for her 5'9" frame to support.

Personality: Short-tempered and quick to flair up in anger, Marian is a woman who would have likely met an early death if she had stayed in Ebou Dar her whole life. As it was, traveling to Tar Valon and then moving around to different townships to keep from arousing suspicion about her age has tempered her - but not much. She is now capable of holding her tongue and exacting revenge for slights felt at a later date, but not when her anger is riled by the mention of Aes Sedai. She longs desperately to be given the chance she threw away in her youth of becoming an Aes Sedai.

Character History: Marian is angry at most things, especially the fact that she was put out of the Tower for her behavior. As a girl, she had been eager and excited about becoming an Aes Sedai and made the trip from Ebou Dar to Tar Valon on her own, paying her way with the money her father had left her when he met his death at the tip of a dueling sword. After fighting with just about everyone in the Tower, including calling the Mistress of Novices an insufferable sow, Marian was put out of the Tower in spite of her potential with the One Power. While not amazingly powerful, she would have been able to achieve the Shawl easily with her power.

Instead, she was gathered up by the Kin when she left the Tower in tears. They helped her settle into one of the communities nearby for a short time, but her temper caused too much notice to her and she was moved to further communities where she would be less likely to blow the Kin's cover to the Tower. She visited Ebou Dar frequently because she still had family there, but once her nieces and nephews, and then grand nieces and grandnephews passed away, she found there was little to keep her there. She moved to Tarabon and adopted their fashion for a time, although she never took off the ornaments dagger that hung between her small breasts.

She has just returned to Ebou Dar and joined their Circle when word comes that there are Aes Sedai in the city and they're looking for the Kin.

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