Character Name: Molto Riatin
Place of Birth/Raising: Cairhien
Age: 22
Description: Short, skinny Cairhienin bloke with a generally wimpy physique and startlingly pale skin. Blue eyes and short, dark hair... big feet, too.

Character History Edit

Molto was born to a minor branch of House Riatin. Unfortunately, Tolam found the courtly life boring and left to seek a place in the world. Corny, but there you go. Molto's a corny sort of person. Before he left, his manservant tucked the famous Whitecloak, "The Way of the Light", by Lothair Mantelar, into his bag. A fateful choice.

On his journey, Molto managed to very efficiently spend all his money. Long nights were spent huddled in his clothes in barns and haystacks, and in the day he read his book.

Molto had the misfortune of accidentally travelling through Shaidar Logoth at night on his long, windy journey to Amadicia. Not being particularly bright, he had successfully navigated away from all the big population centers, and, after spending several weeks in the wild, the city must have looked like heaven to him. Suffice it to say that Molto left Shaidar Logoth running very fast and babbling incoherently.

Poor Molto. After he'd left Shaidar Logoth, he spent the night running as hard as he could, building nightmares that became steadily worse. Soon, the man was committed to the CoL.

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