Handle: The Don

Character name: Muaghde

Age: 38

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 142 lbs

Hometown: Seander, Seanchan

Muaghde was born to a privileged family in the capitol city of Seander. From an early age, he was destined to become a soldier. However, Muaghde was never a big kid and never grew into a big man. His skill with the blade and in command were never lacking, however, his small stature kept him from the front lines. It was to his good fortune, however, that he was put into the morat’raken corps. Raken were not built to carry large men, or even average men, and Muaghde’s small size made him a perfect fit.

He rose through the ranks uickly, eventually becoming M’der’morat’raken, commander of all the Air Corps. He was part of the command staff for the Hailene, and fought many battles over the entire west coast. When the Commander of the Ever Victorious Army was slain, Muaghde was elected to take his place. The Hailene, however, was an ultimate failure. Muaghde himself was humbled and sent back to Seanchan by an officer of the Band of the Red Hand, some fools that wished to bring back some former glory. Muaghde was considered about as skilled as can be without attaining the rank of blademaster. The officer, though, was a true master of the blades. He handily beat Muaghde, and spared his life. He returned to Seanchan sei’mosiev. In a rare moment of forgiveness, the Emperor, may he live forever in the Light, let him retain his rank as Commander and set him to lead the Return.

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