Age: 20 in trolloc years

Appearance: Belonging to the Ahf’frait tribe Nargbert has an eagle head with bright, piercing eyes. He is about average height for a trolloc and has a very muscular body. With that muscular body came speed. While not anywhere near the fastest in his tribe he could hold his own in a race.

Background: Narbert grew up living in the Ahf’frait tribe. Becoming a great warrior was all Nargbert grew up hearing. Because of this he started early trying to prepare himself to be the best that there was. Of course this was mixed in with his vicious attitude. He did strength training by throwing bouldersat the younger trollocs. Anything he killed he would rip into with his beak tearing at any meat he could find.

personality: Loves to kill things. That is the whole reason for striving for the rank of blademaster. He tires of the same old meat. He desires the blood of true warriors. He wants to kill the best of the best and will do anything to achieve that.

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