Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Height: 6'0
Age: 23
Place of Origin:


Rank: Warder
Weaopon Score: 8
Philosophy: The Spring
Primary Weapon: Maul
Secondary Weapon: Long bow
Tertiary Weapon: daggers


As long as Petra could recall she had lived and traveled with a menagerie. Her mother had been an acrobat with various menageries throughout Petra?s life, but she had never known her father from which she must have gotten her height. Petra stands taller than most men, topping out at just over 6 feet. She is long, well muscled and has green eyes which she must also have gotten from her absent father.

Her mother, having been an acrobat, taught Petra everything she knew, but when it became apparent that she would be too tall to perform as an acrobat, her mother fretted over how Petra would make her way in the menagerie. Noticing Petra?s interest in the archer, she convinced the man to apprentice her young daughter to which he reluctantly agreed. From the age of seven, she trained with the menagerie?s archer and before long was being billed as ?Little Birgitte?. Thanks to the blond hair, inherited from her mother, the comparison was inevitable. Petra eventually surpassed her mentor, so her mother and she joined with another troop when she was 14. Before long Petra?s ability with the bow became renowned as she could arch blindfolded and still hit the center of the target and perform many other fancy acrobatic tricks which left audiences chanting Birgitte, more often than not. When Petra was 18 her mother passed away from an unknown consuming disease. Upon finding a hidden letter,

Petra set out in attempt to discover more information about her parentage.  She found very little to go on, but she did find beneficial training while away.  Petra became proficient with the maul during her search and with only one lead to go on she headed back to the menagerie in hopes of one day reaching Tar Valon. Knowing no other life, Petra continued to travel with Tuf Voya?s Traveling Menagerie for several years until one day the Wheel wove Tayline Sedai into the pattern of her life.  Arriving at Tar Valon to fulfill her destiny and in search of a man who could hold the answers to her paternity she awaits acceptance into the Tower Guard.

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