Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown Red
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 144
Age: 14
Place of Origin: Mayene


Rank: Trainee
Weaopon Score: 3
Philosophy: Not Choosen Yet
Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:
Tertiary Weapon:


Rajon was born to a rather smaller family of 5, who lived in the middle of nowhere because his father hated being around large crowds for too long at a time. He was the third born child, so the harder work was left to his brother's. His father was a merchant who was hardly ever home, leaving all the work to his mother. He watched the younger one's while the older children helped do the chores. Some days Rajon would watch his father's guards keep their skills up. On those days he'd get his own crude wooden sword and try and mimic their movements. They would all laugh at him and try their best to teach him something of the sword. He never did really get the hang of it, but he did learn to use the axe a little better. One terrible winter, the two oldest sibling died from namonia(sp?) and left Rajon as the oldest. From then on, he would do all the hard works of tending what work had to be done out and around the home while also watching his younger sister and brother. At 9, his father took him on his first trip away from home. They traveled all the way to Tar Valon, where Rajon saw the Warder's. They made his father's guards look like chicken's with thier heads cut off. They moved lightning fast, so fast in fact, that Rajon could barely follow their movements. He knew then he had to be like them someday. When they returned home, he began training more and more with the guard's. He didn't get terribly good with it, like being able to kill a would-be assailant, but he would go hunting with it and catch thing's sometimes. Getting lost in the wood's was a problem for him at first, but after a couple of year's he couldn't get lost once. Of course, tracking was something he couldn't get down right. By 13, animals were still getting away from him and take him on goose chases. The next time his father went to Tar Valon, Rajon went with him. On the way, he turned 14 and got his first gift he would charish forever-an axe that had his looking like a toy. When they got to their destination, Rajon waved farewell to his father to search out someone to help him start his new life.

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