The Dark One is the leader of the Shadow, and he was sealed in the Pit of Doom, also known as the Bore at the end of the Age of Legends. Along with Shai'tan, all His Chosen save for Demandred was sealed in too. In this age the seals are weakening, and the Dark One is growing stronger. One by one the Chosen has awakened, and been given life again by their Master, and lately V'alduri sealed the depest of them all have awoken and been named Nae'blis

Commonly used names

Shadow (mainland)

Father of Lies (mainland)

Father of Storms (Seafolk)

Sightblinder (Aiels)

Shepherd of the Night

Soulbane (by Wolves)

Soulblinder (Seanchan)

Old Grim (mainland, used in folk tales in reference to the Great Hunt/riding with the Darkhounds)


Leafblighter (aiels)

Its because of the fear of his attention he has all the many other names listed above

Shai’tan (by himself. Even today few use his true name, fearing that doing so will call his attention.To name the dark one by his true name is considered an evil curse.)

In the dark they refer to him mostly as the Great Lord of the Dark (other variations : Great Lord, Lord of the Dark or Lord of the Grave), beliving that to speak his true name is blasphemy

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