Active MembersEdit

Note: If you see a RP Char name with no DM Handle, that means a RP'er has more than 1 character in the Yards. Look at the row above, that is the RP'er playing the character.

DM Handle RP Char Name Weapon Score Origin Bondmate
Aekold Aekold al’Cadez WS 4 Shienar -
Andrej Lewin Kell WS 2 Arafel -
Arinth Grey Drinalt WS 2 Andor -
_Kynwric_ Kynwric Larind WS 19 Amadacia Loraine Kilaine of the Green Ajah
Maurelle Tywin Gale WS 1 Caemlyn -
Rekinu Alasayar Rekinu Alasayar WS 9 Arafel Taia Misna of the Green Ajah
Seiakera Coraman WS 7 Tar Valon -
  Roseli Kera WS 1 Ebou Dar -
Sieve Perivar Tarigan WS 15 Arafel Kabria Sedai of the Green Ajah
  Girsham Elmaren WS 7 Far Madding Miahna Telonne of the Blue Ajah
U4ea Edana Kellar WS 13 Caemlyn -
Visar Falmaien Visar Falmaien WS 17 Tear Rasheta Sedai of the Green Ajah
  Torvus Arathel WS 7 Saldaea -

Inactive MembersEdit

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