Description Edit

Age: 19
Place of Origin: Samara, Ghealdan
Appearance: Willaem Mozelei is average height, at 5'10, and has an athletic, but not over-muscular build. His hair is dishwater blond, and is average length, if a little shaggy. He has blue-green eyes and he has dark eyelashes, that make him look somewhat feminine. He has a sharp jawline and high cheekbones, making him quite attractive.
Rank: Private
Primary Weapon: Sword
Secondary Weapon: Lance
Division: Cavalry

History Edit

Growing up as the eldest son of a farmer and a fabric store owner in Samara, Ghealdan, Willaem developed a sense of leadership, responsibility, hard work and honesty. He was the oldest of six children and was relied on to take care of his siblings while his parents were working. When his sister grew old enough to take care of the children, Willaem worked on the farm with his father.

When his eldest sister, Lyrellian,...grew up... and was attracting all kinds of men, his protectiveness took over and got in more than a few scuffles with young men. He was not subjective in who he fought, so he made very few friends. But there was finally a man who treated Lyrellian well and gained Willaem's approval. Lyrellian married the man (named Cedreis) and they took over the farm. Cedreis employed Willaem and became Willaem's best, if not only, friend.

Cedreis had been a Ghealdanin Lancer for the Queen and taught him how to ride, how to use a sword and, after Willaem had saved up money and bought a horse, Cedries taught him how to use a lance. Every day Willaem would practice riding and swordsmanship. He began to long to see the world, travel to places he had only heard of, fight for the good in this world. After talking to his parents about this, they agreed to let him go. With many tears, he left, taking only his horse, a small purse of money and a sword Cedreis had given him. He literally worked his way toward a place he had heard people call the Red Tower, supposedly the headquarters of an army for the Dragon.

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